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which knelt.▓ Brave as was the assault, a bra●very which asked no

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quarter, ●it was powerless against better● arms and better discipline.Th●e fight had lasted barely an▓ hour when the Zulu power was ▓utterly bro

ken. Meanwhile, the 1st D▓ivision under Crealock on the rig▓ht had been operating in the south b▓y the lower Tugela and Etsch●owe

, moving somewhat close to the coast and ●in the364 direction of Ulundi; but through no ▓fault of its own it did not reach the fie▓ld i

n time, and when the final battle▓ was won, the army as then consti▓tuted was practically broken up.Other▓ arrangements for its distributio●n were

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then made, and a series of forts and ▓fortified posts held by sufficient garrisons w▓ere formed all along the Zul▓u frontier.But the closing sc▓ene had yet to come.Two col▓umns were form


ed for the final mi●litary exploration of

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